Restricted access


If you cannot access some of the betting sites, it is likely that you are located in a country where access to same gambling sites is restricted. It is a common practice of governments to restrict access to online gambling sites, which they cannot control and profit from.


There is a simple solution. You can use a VPN service. Here is an option:


1. Use OpenVPN at This service is free. You need to have some computer knowledge to be able to set up the service.

2. Use a paid VPN, which however gives you an easy to set up service, you just install the client program on your computer and it works - it all takes less than a minute to set up.

Learn more about it here.


With a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you set up an encrypted channel to a server in another country and browse the internet with an IP address assigned there. So you get the freedom to access websites which are locally forbidden.


Good luck!